"Happiness is killing me...."

Chants and unending happiness covered the entire afternoon at Kamuzinda High School, a rural community school located 175km west of the capital Kampala and the ancestral resting place for the fallen H.E Esther Nakajjigo who was Uganda's Ambassador for Women and Girls and European Union Young Leader.

Essie who was a reality TV Star had 2 reality TV shows that change lives of the most vulnerable women and girls in Uganda, Africa. She started the Ambassador's Scholarship Program for bright but financially constrained girls to access education.

Now in its 3rd year running, the program has enrolled 87 adolescent girls some of whom are child mothers. This year of the 52 girls that are sitting for their final national exam, 13 had completely failed to raise the required registration fees for them to sit for their final exam which means they had to lose the entire 4 years of their ordinary level education.

Each girl required USD 70 and Child Care & Rescue Programme (USA) in partnership with Child Care & Rescue Programme (Uganda) launched an education appeal to raise USD 700 to support the girls and in a period of 5 days, well wishers, good samaritans and friends of Essie had raised all the required money.

Today we paid the money for all the girls to the school and they just couldn't believe it. The girls were so excited and the entire evening became a no-class evening as the girls were joined by their classmates to celebrate along with them.

One was heard shouting "Happiness is killing me....".

"Now I am assured I am going to have a bright future and I deeply think that I am going to achieve my goals".......said Nakalembe Rose, one of the beneficiaries.

Child Care & Rescue Programme (USA) together with Child Care & Rescue Programme (Uganda) would like to extend their sincere appreciation to all donors and who ever did anything to secure the future of these vulnerable. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you indeed.

Together Lets Keep the Promise!! Building and strengthening Essie LEGACY together.

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